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The phrase most commonly uttered when in all reality you do not care about what another party is speaking of. Also used when one does not actually here the other individual at all. Hints of underlying sarcasm often accompany this word. Or this is used to get someone off of your back who is annoying the hell out of you.
Prson 1-"Ok guys, we need to all stick together on this one ok? If we don't there is no way we can win..ok? ok? John! ok?"

John- "yeah I hearya"

by JohnStrick March 31, 2009
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This phrase is for those of us who are selfish and narcissistic and would rather watch the people around us do meaningless, mindless chores that plagues our everyday existence.

1) Occurs when two or more people are sitting and the task comes up to clean the room, put in a different cd, or get the door (etc.)
2) This CANNOT be spoken until an official count has occurred to 3. When the presence of a task has come up a member of the party will say: "1,2,3..."
3) The person administering the count will be the first to say "Not it" which automatically grants him/her immunity from the task at hand
4) After the administrator says it everyone else now must say "Not It" the fastest
5)The administrator decides with group consensus who the slowest person was who must humiliate himself and perform the task at hand
6) For parties of 4 or more the administrator may be overthrown if there is disagreement over the slowest person
7) Physical Intimidation and force is acceptable for groups of 3 or more to muffle another member of the group in order to prevent them from casting a "Not it"
8) Any female present automatically is given the task the no one wants to do because clearly men are superior to females (Man Law)
9) In the instance of more than one female being present a "Rock, Paper, Scissors" will be administered in a best of 3 tournament
10) For anyone who loses and refuses to perform the task is then immediately shunned from further group activities that night or can opt to stay with the agreement of being the center of jokes for the rest of the night
JP- "Dude, someone close that window it's freezing."

John, Stu, Evan-no one says anything just look with unregistered stares.

JP-Come on guys!

John- "ok, 1,2,3...NOT IT!
Stu-Not it!
Evan-Not it!

JP- "sh*t"
by JohnStrick April 01, 2009
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