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Also called H-town(by people who will never get laid)
-Place where semi-rich people live
-Most kids play pong in other kids basements, get wasted, do sexually scarring things. (This happens most every weekend, and happens to be one of the only exciting things)
-Those who don't pong usually smoke pot
-Everyone knows that pot can be found(in abundance) at the Wawa, and that you can buy a blunt at the Texaco across the street from age 11 and up.
-Everyone is ashamed of our wiggers. We all know you arent poor, just come on guys...
A- Hey man, you hear about that party next Saturday?
B- Dude, that was last night.
A- Oh man... I was so trashed, I think I boned my mom.
B- Yeah, there's another one next Saturday, wanna go?
A- Fsck, what else would I be doing in Hockessin?
B- I dunno, but I'm glad I don't live in North Wilmington!
by JohnPaul November 17, 2005
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