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A homeless individual that pays for a single Starbuck beverage or other item in order to loiter within the store, stay warm and use the bathroom facilities. Given the Seattle origins of Starbucks, local managers are discouraged from showing these individuals the exit. Unfortunately, the other patrons are often greeted with a foul stench when forced to sit next to one of these individuals in a crowded store. More prevalent in Boston and Portland than New York or Pittsburgh.
I thought I could never finish that latte because the starbum next to me stunk so bad.
by John Whiskeyjack November 20, 2005
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Given to Canada's most notorious and troublesome shit disturbers. These individuals show extreme self interest. They are always self important and almost smart. Many of these potential winners live in the Toronto and Ottawa area. When they move to the western provinces, the exude elitism and continue to push the leftist, trade union, wealth re-distribution agenda instead of pursuing useful work and effort.
Bob was a reporter sent out to the Edmonton Journal, but continued to believe in the National Energy Policy. The boys at the Petroleum Club gave him the Brown Paddle Award for 2005.
by John Whiskeyjack September 08, 2010
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The act of sending short, usually single line, e-mails to people to get them to react to some issue. Particularly common today with hand held devices and continuous time connectivity. Used by many to exert power over others and to reduce productivity. The victims usually are forced to respond with an e-mail 4 to 5 times longer in order to clarify the issue to prevent further e-nagging. Also know as e-nudzhing (Yiddish).
Sorry I'm late, but my boss was e-nagging me, so I had spend the next hour writing an e-mail explaining how Excel worked.
by John Whiskeyjack April 15, 2010
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