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The most perfect thing in the whole entire world. There is nothing better...this word not only describes a persons looks and personality but it does it so perfectly that it can actually be used as that persons name. You'll fall in love with this person and this name because it describes them in so many ways. They're unbelievably perfect in looks, brains and for you as a person. Breathetaking.
Ilana-She's so perfect in everyway that she's beautiful.
by John Walsh December 16, 2004

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To administer an open-hand slap to the genitalia of a male, with a sharp snapping of the wrist so as to leave a stinging sensation in the wangular and nutsacular areas.
Sweet sassy molassey, after we felched and I forgot her name, she cock-walloped me so bad, my penis fell off and ran out the door! Come back Weenie McSexster!
by John Walsh April 17, 2004

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sexual predator who preys on smaller, less developed children

(i.e., a wolf in sheep's skin)
The sheep hunted down and raped the small girl
by John Walsh March 10, 2003

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