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A woman's way of blowing smoke up your ass,sort of like how politicans or executives talk to lower ranked or working class people,a way of telling you something without telling you.
Guy:what are you doing on Saturday? Girl:I'm really busy all weekend I have to check my schedule. In reality she doesn't want nothing to do with him,but she's being nice about it.That's what womanese is.
by John Hitchner April 30, 2007
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A person who is evil and will do what it takes to please theirselves,they act like they had a bad childhood or rough life to manipulate people into feeling sorry for them so they can have advantage over their victims,some are just plain mean as snakes,they can behave like other people to fit in,they are like wild animals going after their pray.
Charles Manson,John Wayne Gacey,Jack the Ripper,Most Mafia members.Fictional Sociopaths,Detective Shaker from Ransom,Tony Soprano,Victor Larue on Walker Texas Ranger,Vic Mackie on the Shield,Ivan Drago on Rocky 4.
by John Hitchner April 27, 2007
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A male that is practically busted in every way except for his kindness.Equivelent of a fat chick,He tries to impress women by acting like a bad boy,but the women see through him because he doesn't have the physical assets of the bad boys,he tries to dress and act like them but realizes that he only looks stupid and also realizes that you can't polish a turd.A nice guy trying to be a bad-boy by dressing and acting like them is like trying to put high performance parts on a Yugo it only makes it look stupid.He only gets promises of relationships from fat300 lb.,bald ugly chicks that can't get anybody else,or just gets used by even average looking women let alone attractive women,he always has too high of standards.He then realizes that it's not what's on the inside that matters,It's what's on the outside.So the only way a nice guy can have success with attractive women is if he hits the lottery or gets plastic surgery,but then again you have to hit the lottery to be able to have the plastic surgery that you need to be attractive enough.So he ends up dying alone and broke.
nice guy-So how was the date.Attractive girl-I'll call you.He thinks he's in but he was out before the date even started she just went out on a date out of pity.
by John Hitchner April 27, 2007
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