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The battle cry for a new addictive game this summer in New York City, usually (not not exclusively) played by at least two friends, in which one person (the "car" or "pedestrian" in this case, who is either walking towards or walking behind the person to be the target of the game or the "bridge") yells "Brooklyn Bridge!" and proceeds to run, crawl, and/or dive towards the target friend, who has no choice but to open his/her legs and allow the "car" or "pedestrian" to pass through. Injuries may be sustained. The game involves a seemingly complex point system to keep track of winners and losers. Roller skates optional.
Friend 1: "Brooklyn Bridge!" (starts running towards Friend 2)
Friend 2: "Holy Shit!" (spreads legs and grabs package)


Person 1: "Man, why are you walking funny?"
Person 2: "Yo man, Shawty Brooklyn Bridged me. She ain't so short..."
by John Augustus Roebling June 06, 2007

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