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A name which George Castanza of Seinfeld uses whenever he needs to make up a name, such as a reference at a job interview, an author that he likes, a friend that he's meeting, etc.
Person: "Who do you read?"
George: "I like Art Vandelay. He's an obscure writer, beatnik, from the village."

Person: "Who are you meeting?"
George: "Art Vandelay. He's an Importer Exporter."

Person: "Who can a call for a reference?"
George: "That's Vandelay Industries, the address is 186 West 81st Street (Jerry's Apartment).
Person: "What do they do?"
George: "They manufacture and sell latex. The selling of latex and latex related products.

Jerry (upon picking up the phone): "Hello, this is Vandelay Industries, Kel Varnsen speaking."
by Johanste April 21, 2008
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