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On the North and East side of town you have gangsters, bums, homeless etc. it's just a straight out dangerous place to live. When your walking the streets of the North or East-side you get paranoid that someone might shoot you, or that there might be a bum asking for money. Meanwhile on the West-Side (not to be confused with West Des Moines)it has some of the richest white people of the city but also most of the black population reside here. On the South-Side you have mostly white rich people and the majority of the population is of Italian descent. You can easily find a pizza parlor around every corner.
Des Moines East Sider: Waddup I'm from the east-side.
Des Moines South Sider: Oh SH!@#$T! (Runs Away)

Des Moines North Sider: YO! YO! YO! I'm from the north-side.
Des Moines West Sider: (Screams and gets his hi-tech cell phone out and calls the police)
by Joeseras May 19, 2007

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