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Daughter of washed up Country star Billy Ray Cyrus.
An overrated teen pop star (who apparently thinks she is a rockstar) that enjoys:
Taking Racey Photos
Brainwashing Young Children
Sucking the money out of every parent on the planet Earth

Many people assume she is going to be next in line for the ruined Disney stars, right after Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, etc.
These people assume correctly.
She is also known for making dumb videos for YouTube with her best friend, Mandy (age 20).
Not to mention cheating on Jonas Brothers lead singer/guitarist/drummer Nick Jonas.
She claims fame will not get to her head, but it obviously has.
Not to mention, she keeps rescuing dogs that just happen to be wondering around in her neighborhood.
Real Story or Set Up?
Her acting is not nearly as good as most actors, but she still gets more money than she should.
Many fans will end up acting like they never even liked her, similar to all the ex-fans of Britney Spears.
Fan: Miley Cyrus is AMAZING!
*2 years later*
Same Fan: MIley Cyrus is in rehab? Oh My! I knew that was gonna happen all along!
by Joerra May 26, 2008
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