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Failure at its best. The epitome of what it is to be a vagina, pussy, sally, nancy, sissy, fairy, prissy, a bitch, a nancy, a ninny, a little girl or otherwise frenchman partaking in battle. They are spineless cowards who suck at everything except running off like little bitches. France: INVINCIBLE in peace, INVISIBLE in war.
Jean-Pierre: Huh-huh-huh (in gay French voice) Hey, remember that time when my home country, France, won a military victory all by themselves?

Me: Nope, I have no recollection. Last I checked, France was full of a bunch fucking bitches, who lack the male phallus and contain too much estrogen to even be considered a 'male'. It is a mistake to think that there is such thing as a real Man from France. In fact, many consider the french, as a whole, to be of the female gender because of the surplus of hairy armpitted females in the country. In other words, I hate France. Until they can fight for themselves, they should probably come to our aid once in awhile because when THEY need OUR help someday, I pray that we turn our backs. Fuck France. The word French Victory does not exist. Sorry.
by Jmam September 26, 2006
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