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A very cute and sweet animal. Usually a dog or animal with a noticeable snout or muzzle.
"My Dog is such a sweet little sneep!"
"Fruit bats look so sneepy! Look at those snouts."
"How's my little sneep today?"
by JimfromIT March 13, 2016
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To be completely enthralled with the BBC drama 'Sherlock' (a modern story of Sherlock Holmes).
The term can also be used when referring to a love of Sherlock Holmes in general but it usually references the BBC program.

It also can mean being covered in references to the program as well as looking similar to a prop from the program.
"I showed 'Sherlock' to my sister and now she's totally sherlocked."

"After downloading all those new Cumberbatch wallpapers, my phone is completely sherlocked."

"Moffat and Gatiss are the most sherlocked blokes in the world."
by JimfromIT January 19, 2012
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