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the improper way to spell neighborhood,used by people who all day sit around making new definitions on urbandictionary.com instead of having a life

used by one who cannot spell words with an I and E next to eachother correctly
"Yo did you see the definition for can you not?"

"Yea, flipping hilarious, the writer spelled neighborhood, nieghborhood."

"Yup, peace im out, in the mood for a jew bagel?"

"Nahhh, i'm tryin to cut back on those, beephair."

"I hear you, I hear you."
by Jew Bagel January 22, 2006

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to flipping own

Similar to pwn except a substitute when pwn is too commonly used
Dude, I fwn that class with my three A pluses.

Did you get 50 kills in 20 minutes, did you fwn all?
by Jew Bagel January 09, 2006

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the action of taking a crap or doing/fulfilling ones brown deeds
(Asian Kid goes to the bathroom for 10 minutes)

Person A: HAHA where have u been?!?!
Person B: YEA!!! WHERE?!?!?

Asian Kid: ChiLLLL, I had to drop the black kids off at the pool...

(Teacher gives Asian Kid two detentions...)
by Jew Bagel November 24, 2006

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