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Creat (n.) The thing you must be full of for you to be creative. It may seem intuitive that you would be full of creativity, or just be creative, but for people who aren't creative, it is neccessary to provide a tangible, tactile, quantifiable thing that makes you creative, and that thing is creat.
Damn son! I never would have come up with such a cool project. You must be full of CREAT!

or the more popular: " RE: I think "Re: Re: Hello" would just be a lack of creat"
by Jessie (Team Rocket) May 09, 2006
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Sclibobal (v.) -- For when the word love isn't enough, this word may come in handy. Denoted by a heart with a "40" written in the top right corner, sclibobal is love multiplied by itself 40 times, hence the 40th power.
I Sclibobal you. Ever since we have gotten together I have sclibobaled you more than life itself.
by Jessie (Team Rocket) May 08, 2006
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