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Indie band from dundee Scotland.Have had hits with wasted little dejays and same jeans. Their album cover is pretty and they are a fave band of mine =
The View have had the same jeans on for 4 days now.
by Jessie init March 2, 2007
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Abbreviation of Culver Square. Place To Hang Out, Great Tourist Destination, Great Place To Go On Holiday Too, Very Cheap, Own Water Feature, Cool People Dancing 'Restraunts' Within Walking Distance And You Find The Coolest People In The World There...Eg. Elise Eve Jessie And Co. Culver is the place where you may find the emos and grebos of the world. Very occasionally you will find the odd chav.
Shall we go to Culver?
by Jessie init March 2, 2007
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Name of a song by The View. The chorus says astedway ittlelay ejaysday pig latin for Wasted Little Dejays. Very catchy.
by Jessie init March 2, 2007
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