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a drinking game that combines flip cup and beirut. It is played with three cups (instead of 10 as in beirut) per team. When a cup is made it is drank and then has to be flipped (flip cup style). If the flip is made on the first flip then the cup is filled back up and put back in the same spot it came from. If the flip is missed then the cup is 'lost' and put off to the side of the table (as in beirut when a cup is made). The game is won when the opposing teams cups are all 'lost'. Otherwise the same rules apply as in beirut.
"I'm sick of playing beirut, we need something more exciting to play." said Zeus. "Well, why don't we try this new game that everyone is talking about? It's called three cup flip." Exclaimed Thor.
by Jesse Beer June 14, 2007

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a drinking game that consists of combining flip cup and beirut. When a cup is plunked then it has to be drank and then flipped in a flip cup style. Only one flip is allowed, if made it goes back on the table and is filled with beer, if missed then it is done for the game. The team that wins eliminates all of the other team's cups first.
"It's a Saturday night, what game are we playing when drinking our two kegs?" Asks Jenna.
"Well why don't we play the greatest drinking game ever, 3CupFlip." Replied Amber.
by Jesse Beer May 23, 2007

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