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A master use of the English language, "O_O," definitely not to be confused with "o_O" is a popular emoticon used with instant messaging and Internet Relay Chat (IRC). In fact, ChatZilla, a popular IRC client, even has an emoticon for "O_O," which has been deemed by many "O_O" fans as downright hilarious.

"O_O" is usually used after and between perverted statements, as well as after surprising or shocking statements. Though it may hard to believe, if one is exposed to "O_O," it is usually very hard not to use the emoticon again due to its attractiveness.
<Christina> Potter, may I have the commands if you have them O_O
<Potter> Tell me when you've added one for Lanta Jones. O_O
<Potter> oh
<Potter> sorry O_O
<Potter> DON'T HATE ME. I'M ONLY 11.
<Potter> O_O
<Potter> jk O_O
<Potter> found it O_O
by Jeremy Daniels July 07, 2007

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"Oh, Gina!" is a simple interjection that is quite synonymous to "Oh my lanta!" and "Oh my gosh!" Gina is a character from the popular TV show, "Martin."
<Christina> There is a snake inside of my house!
<Potter> OH, GINA!
by Jeremy Daniels July 07, 2007

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