3 definitions by Jeremy Meerkreebs

Very or more in newspeak. More than plus, used to accentuate words.
That bus was doubleplus speedful.
by Jeremy Meerkreebs December 16, 2003
1) A joinee is a member of the Join Me/Karma Army collective/cult; in essence, he or she has sent a small photograph of themself to Danny Wallace and promised to perform a random act of kindness for a stranger every Friday.

2) Joinees often refer to eachother as Joinee Blank, only with their last name instead of "blank."
1) Did you see that guy over there? He rushed up and paid for my meal before I could get out my wallet. I wonder if he's a joinee?

2) Joinee Jones is off making an old man happy.
by Jeremy Meerkreebs October 2, 2004
Newspeak for speaking like a duck's quacking. When used for a friend, the conotations are positive: he belts his wisdom out without hesitation. Against an enemy, it means he speaks incoherently and without thought. This doublespeak is common in newspeak.
That comrade is a fine duckspeaker. The other one, however, tells nothing but duckspeak.
by Jeremy Meerkreebs December 16, 2003