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By legal definition a blowjob is sexual contact between the mouth and the penis. A blowjob in exchange for money is prostitution. The term is gender neutral and may apply to the giver being male or female. It is not uncommon for horny straight guys to get a blowjob from a gay guy.

The blow job is often accompanied by other sexual acts such as stroking the penis with your hand, caressing and licking the balls, massaging the anus, and twisting the nipples. An experience cock sucker will vary the sucking motion and should have 3 short and fast sucks concentrating on the head of the penis, then followed by a slower suck where she/he deep throats and goes all the way down the shaft of the penis to the balls, and then repeating over and over again. The blowjob needs to be performed in a sucking manner like you are a human vacuum cleaner trying to suck the juice out of his cock. Another technique is to do swirling motions with the mouth and tongue. Hand action helped keep the cock hard and move to orgasm.

before coming, the cock will get very hard and start to throb. Them increase the speed of the sucking motion. You should also put your finger just behind the scrotum and you will feel the initial convulsions as he is about to come. To avoid any bad taste, deep throat and have the cum shoot straight down your throat. After the man comes, be gentle with the penis as it may be sore or sensitive. Gently squeeze out the last few drops of cum and lick it up and swallow it.
Jenny who had this perfect ass and wet pink pussy. I laid on my back while she sat on my face and I tongue fucked her pussy and ate out her ass. She then bent over and grabbed my cock, covered the head of my cock with her luscious lips, and inserted my firmly in her mouth and started to give me an amazing blowjob.
by Jennifer23 May 18, 2015
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