1 definition by Jen-o-cide!!

4 LEAF CLOVER -A lucky four-leaf clover is when gang bang of 1 gal and 4 dudes get together and she gets wapped in the face by all four dicks at once right before they cum then all jizz between one print to make the stem going into her mouth and unlucky 4leaf with a spout is if after she has it in her mouth she takes a coffee straw and spins in a circle down a pole and yells "happy st Patty's day call me lucky"
Your ma face timed me last night with her face done up in spots. She was out thirsten and said she fondly found her first 4 Leaf Clover. I confused asked, ”so did you get lucky? "
by Jen-o-cide!! June 10, 2022
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