2 definitions by Jellies

Wavin' man. Can be used to say hi or to get attention.
Bush: EY!
Blair: \o

Can also be mirrored, but the meaning is the same

Bush: EYEY!
Blair: o/
by Jellies January 11, 2007
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1st January 12PM or before and lasts to 2nd (this is national hangover day), 3rd, or if its really bad, 4th January (these are local hangover days). Perfect day to do crimes, because nobody cares. But the entire country will think the robber is a loser because he doesnt have hangover.
Person 1: Hey, wanna do something funny 1st January?
Person 2: Dude, its National Hangover Day
Person 1: Oh yeah, right ..
by Jellies January 11, 2007
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