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She is really nice and trustworthy. She loves to have fun and loves her friends to death. Jennifer smiles 24/7 and lives life to the fullest. She loves to flirt and falls for the wromg guys(the jerk ones).She is pretty from the inside and out. Can sometimes be jealous but not too much so dont worry. She can be straight up and tell you the truth and loves when people tell her the truth. She is really smart especially when it comes to math. She enjoys meeting new people can be shy at times. Jennifer is an awsome friend she will always be there for anyone. But dont make her mad cause she explodes she's hard to make mad so dont worry. And last she is freakin fine and has a sexy body.
Boy:Damm i want that Jennifer.

Boy2: Yeah she is freakin fine.

boy: well too bad she's mine.

Boy2:Fine ill find another Jennifer!
by Jejeja July 07, 2011

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