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(v) A makeshift mockery of bowling, using soup cans for bowling pins and anything but a bowling ball for a bowling ball.
Person No.1, "Wanna go bowling!?"
Person No.2, "Yeah!"
Person No.1,"Got any money?!"
Person No.2,"No."
Person No.1,"Hmmm... Well lets go bowling for soup."
by Jebudiah Springsteen July 10, 2008

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A really nice Polish town that nobody has ever heard of because nobody knows how to pronounce the name.
Guy 1, "Me and my wife drove through this nice little town known as Calimagrabagshalgoras, its really nice ever heard of it?"

Guy 2, "No, but Ive heard of a Calimagdaboraghshavora."
by jebudiah springsteen July 10, 2008

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When one person is performing cunnilingus while placing one foot behind the recipients head, and the other foot against there foot. At the same time the recipient of cunnilingus is giving there partner a hand job, and holding tightly to the foot against her foot. And lastly, the one performing cunnilingus places his/her hand inside the mouth of the recipient.
"OMG! I met this guy last night, and y'know, I'm such a whore and all, I took him home and fucked him, and I had no idea he was a acrobat! He just about broke my back doing this complex position known as the Scandinavian Glass Chopper! It was so good, I think I will be sexually satisfied for the rest of my life."
by jebudiah springsteen July 10, 2008

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