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A greebo - The peaceful type of people....total oposite to townies

But...the ones classed as greebo's infact, HATE being called greebos!
These ones who call themselves greebos are basic wannbes....they purposly become "depressed", harm for attention, and obssess over extremely mainstream bands that are way too manufactured for their own good, eg: HIM, or The rasmus.

They basically become what they THINK are goths.

They also give themselves a bad name....they go on about how unfair life is and why do they get picked on and bullied....and they complain about how they are different and thats why....but rock/metal/punk has been givin a bad name by greebos because they listen to it, and it gets blamed for stupid children doing stupid things bcause "they listen to rock" which any smart person would no is rubbish and they are just attention seeking.

Black, baggy, old, cloths are usually the dress code for the greb's.

No one knows why they call themselves different, they arent, they are the same as everyone else that dresses and acts liek them
these greebos are usually 11-15 yr olds, but it can stretch to 17 if they are stupid enough...thank god though a greebo is a phase...much like the townie attitude and others....eventually they grow out of it and realise "god ir eally did know nothing"

if there was a such thing as a "none wannbe greebo" then i guess they'd listen to rock/metal/punk, be peaceful, and a normal average joe...dressing how they feel comfortable, or in a way they are influenced by what they listen to....but alas these type of people HATE being called greebo's as they all know a greebo is a wannabe goth/punk/metaler(thts if ur guna put labels on it)
Greebo: "OH MY GOD! VILLE VALO!!!*licks poster*"


Greebo: "Im a greebo! i hate townies! i hate my life!"
by Jebadia Zwick August 01, 2004
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