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The word for “the day after tomorrow”. It’s a much simpler version of the phrase. Please spread this. Please. I’m tired of ppl not knowing about it and having to explain!
Person 1: so when are we hanging out?
Person 2: how about... aftermorrow?
Person 1: wtf is aftermorrow?
Person 2: the day after tomorrow..?
Person 1: oh ok
by Jdhdjsjbdhejrbrhjebev April 20, 2021
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It’s when your foot gets pins and needles, or any part of your body! But when it gets pins and needles, you are just rephrasing “pins and needles”
*martha has had her foot under her thigh folded for a while*
Martha: that was a good movie!

*marthat stands up*
Martha: ow my foot fell asleep!
by Jdhdjsjbdhejrbrhjebev November 18, 2020
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