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Canadian geese that won't leave town in the winter (or have become non-migratory) and deposit their small dog sized green shit all over the grass in the park and other public places. A nuisance, like carp in the water, over-breeding and generally fucking up habitat.
The sky carp set up a turd gauntlet on the bike path.
by Jay Langley January 18, 2010

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A neighborhood where you can count three or more Priuses (Prii?) in consecutive driveways or parked out front if it's a really urban Prius pocket.

Honda Insights and Ford Escape Hybrids can be substituted for Priuses to meet the minimum threshold of three.
We accidentally drove through a Prius pocket, but the green zombies were all inside their solar salons and did not attack our 8 cylinder lifted pickup truck.
by Jay Langley February 11, 2010

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1. Deposits of animal feces on a hiking/biking trail or other recreational travelway. Left by non-caring dog owners usually because they can't bring themselves to wrap their hands around warm dog shit through a plastic grocery bag and then carry it down the street dangling like some stinking nutsack.

2. An impediment to mowing your lawn left by dogs whose owners have encouraged them to use your lawn as their personal potty or simply let the dog out so it won't shit in their own yard.

3. Sometimes left by nature's own such as large flocks of non-migratory Canadian geese, also known as sky carp.
I had to bunny hop a turd gauntlet on the descent.
by Jay Langley January 18, 2010

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1. Overweight people who cram themselves into airline seats causing their fat to spill over into your seat.

2. Habitual users of seat belt extenders whose heft drives up the cost of fuel for the airlines which they are more than happy to pass along to you.
Wife, "How was your flight honey?"
Husband, "It sucked. I had a fleshy flier in the middle that oozed into my seat forcing me out in the aisle where the attendants slapped me around with the beverage cart."
by Jay Langley February 14, 2010

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