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Racist term meaning: Exceedingly visible gumline, whether or not the person is smiling. Sometimes the gums may be tinted an "off" color-- either from pigment or lack of hygiene. Can be displayed on people of any race. QUite disgusting and disturbing to the senses. May be accompanied by jacked up "just smoked an M80" grill. Quite often accomanied with banjo lips
He needs to go to the dentist, except the detist is afraid to touch those nasty niggergums-- maybe he should just gargle with kerosene-- and light a match...
by Jay Bo July 19, 2006
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Having money in your wallet and seeming wealthy only on payday. Most times you blow your money on Colt .45 and niggerports instead of paying the electric bill. You live in the fantasy world that you are rich-- but tomorrow you won't be.
Man, I just got paid-- lets go to da club fo I be niggerrich today!
by Jay Bo July 17, 2006
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