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Band who spearheaded the thrash metal movement at the start of the 80's but abandoned the genre of heavy metal at the start of the 90's and became the most pathetic sellouts in the history of music.

A money hungry midget named lar$,leader of the band,was sick of not getting mass credit for their work in the 80's and wanted to be a rock star and bob cock and him collectively raped the metal from the band and ever since the black album they have been a JOKE because of this.

Respect where due, all of their 80's albums range from decent to fucking brilliant but as people the band are assholes. James is all brawn no brains & Kirk Hammett is one of the girliest men I've ever seen from his voice down to his love of make up and nail polish, Jason Newsted and the new guy were 2 more puppets and they all had their strings pulled by Lar$, the typical midget with a chip on his shoulder.

The band from the black album on turned their back on metal and gave it a middle fingered salute. They viewed themselves as bigger than it and they wanted mass popularity which is NOT metal. They are probably the best examples of "a sellout" in the world of music. Abandoning the original vision and integrity for a different approach which is geared around mass popularity as opposed to doing things for the music.

The real truth why Lar$ and co decided to sellout out is that they'd used up all their ideas, all their Mustaine riffs and they'd tried being progressive on "...and justice for all" and died on their ass. They had 2 options. Proceed on trying to make better metal albums or use their big fanbase and a pop producer to produce a simple pop metal record which the chart fans will love.

James Hetfield was also seen around this time saying bands like Slayer and Exodus are "still doing the same old thing, we've progressed from that". Slowing your sound down, Softening it and making it more digestible is only progression towards one thing. Being a pop band.

Even in the 80's these guys were dicks. Stealing riffs from original member, Dave Mustaine and not giving him credit. They've even stated themselves they're selfish people. This is evident in their apathy towards fans of their metal work and the fact they keep putting out half assed music on albums since the black album simply because they can't submit effort and mainly becasue they CAN.
Metallica=from metal pioneers to pathetic sellouts
by Jaxtapose October 28, 2006

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Just another mallcore band with Nirvana and Korn as it's main influences. They are more deceiving than the other mallcore bands as they use evil and disturbing imagery like a lot of metal bands but the themes of the music are still INTROSPECTIVE and ANGSTFUL. 2 things which are NOT metal.

Possibly the worst musical group ever. They have 9 members in the band yet a retard thumping about in a skip would make the same sound. No technical skill. No interesting riffs. No melody. No solos. It's mallcore you know the drill.

The worst thing about these inbred dipshits is that they insist they are metal and that mallcore is metal so they are one of the most counterproductively harmful bands to the tag of heavy metal.

This band is NOT FUCKING METAL. Go listen to Iron Maiden and compare it to Slipknot. Big difference in style and attitude. Go listen to Suffocation and compare them to Slipknot. Suffocation, a band with downtuned riffs and growls like Shitknot but they actually use heavy riffs and have fucking solos and solos are one of the prime ingredients of metal. If a heavy song doesn't have a solo. 9 times out of 10 it won't be metal.

Slipknot are a fucking trend band with a shitty gimmick which has been done before. Mushroomhead want their ideas back! That's right. They can't even be original about being shit. They're talentless noise and have just ripped of Mushroomhead and Korn and that's why they're the worst band EVER.
Slipknot are the worst band EVER
by Jaxtapose October 28, 2006

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