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Samohi short for Santa Monica High School is the high school for the coastal town of Santa Monica located 4 blocks from the beach 5 blocks from the pier(even tho no one goes there except the tourist) being a school of about 2,000 probely more then your town we are seperated into 6 houses S A M O H and I (think Hogwarts or Santa Cruz) have everything and everyone we have venice punks and ALOT surfers, the "rich" northsiders and of course the "poor" southsiders(even tho no one really cares) we cholos and cholas, theater kids, and "running with speakers" basicly our own version of AV club,we have party girls, and the Bros we even have the kids that play hackie sack at lunch, everyone knows that our football team although nice suck and that our soccer team rules, our varsity cheerleaders are hott and you can even see them on display at football games on little ladders. boys waterpolo is crazy, and everyone switches to track on off season or when they dont know what else to do Almost all of our sports at least went to CIF if not more. We even have yoga as a sport. Samohi's music department is one of the best in the country. If you not involved in somthing at samohi ANYTHING even just one of the hundreds of pointless and often weird clubs its really hard to find your place since its such a big school. Your English teacher probely smokes and your art teacher DEFF smokes, your math teacher is either old, asian, or the basketball coach, your science teacher is probely a hippie. Samo has almost every kind of person that you would ever want to meet everyones pretty chill, theres ALMOST no drama. Even tho we have such a diverse student body one fact that everyone knows and shares that goes to Samohi is that 100% of the student body smokes weed even the weird orch kids and yes even that really annoying girl in your AP english class. We smoke so much weed that their was even a underground newspaper aside from "The Samohi" called "The Chronic" made for our often baked student body. you can walk to the beach at lunch and probely can see it from your Spanish class. 90% of you class is high on late start wedensdays and the other 10% couldnt get a sack. During lunch everyone has off campus passes and even if your a freshman you can just hop the gate. Walk down the street to Tommys, That good new mexican place, el pollo loco, dounut king, L&Ls, or you can even spend your lunch at the GameStop. Our pep rallys are held outside on the "Greek" theatre basicly a collisiam type deal but only halfsided and almost as big according to the year you gradute you choose a "theme" for your year (pirates,cowboys,indians,togas,mardigras,rasta,ninja,royalty,whatever you can think of etc etc etc ) and you dress up get DRUNK make flags, paint your body/face/whatever else you can without security catching you, throw water ballons filled with paint from your years color sceme at other years and try to ruin their shit and chant your year. classes these days are a joke, well more then they already are. think halloween group coustumes but about 900 kids in your class yea it sounds stupid and probely is but its something deffenatly unique about us this year a class acctully hired a plane to fly around the greek with their years banner during the pep rally. we only have these two or three times a year because administration hates us having spirt that they dont approve of. Its a good school and if you go here your lucky you can ditch class an just walk around the 33 acres as long as you can flash a pass at security. Its a pretty chill school
"you go to samohi?"
by Jane Publick May 06, 2009

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