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when a woman has a penis in her mouth, anus, and vagina all at the same time.
I was hanging out with david, brad and justin the other night and I told them how I wanted them to tri-dick me. It was amazing!
by Jamilana May 24, 2008
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having sexual intercourse with any partner (single or multiple) while dancing around or noshing at a concert.
dude, that concert was hella tight! Me and 2 chicks did the fandango during the encore!
by Jamilana May 23, 2008
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tri-hole: when any person with a penis gets his head peirced, when that person takes his jewelrly (usually an inch long metal bar) out to urinate, the piss comes out all 3 holes. Not to be confused with a tri-dick.
dude I was taking a piss yesterday after I fucked your sister and I totally had a tri-hole!
by Jamilana May 24, 2008
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