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A thing that is unidentified or nameless, bizarre yet extremely mysterious, overtly out there, usually nebulous in nature.

Comprised of two words: ogle and blat. ogle - to stare in astonishment; blat - short for blatant.
Look! Up in the sky, it's... it's an ogleblat!
by Jamietreus March 12, 2008
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political-cult. any system of thought regarding politics and conspiracy theory; Typically devoid of ample evidence to validate such a claim.

may be applicable to either side of the political spectrum.
politicult: truthers, birthers, Kennedy assassination, theories which lend themselves to political intrigue and resultant fear mongering, and similar suspicions, to attract attention, generate confidence, and widespread paranoia...
by jamietreus April 19, 2013
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Loving from afar or removing one's self from a feud or rivalry while continuing to show support in a remote fashion. As in: Showing some love toward a person, a group, a church, a gang or a family fight by staying out of the crossfire and maintaining neutrality based upon love and goodwill for all.
That brother is huggybookin to the west coast.
by Jamietreus February 22, 2008
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