3 definition by James b cuss

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One of the greatest lyricists of all time.
My raps are unbelievable like aliens in flyin saucers
No more iron horses cause I'm buyin Porches

In a street brawl I strike men quicker than lightnin
You seen what happened in my last fight friend? aight then

I don't roll with punks I only roll with live guys
And we do drive-bys in 325i's
by James b cuss July 29, 2004

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A kick in the glass (and now in a pouch)
Tang is such a fucking kick in the glass
by James b cuss January 15, 2004

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To perform a slam dunk maneuver.
Ay, nigga just boomed on you cuss.

That white boy just boomed on that poor black nigger.
by James b cuss January 16, 2004

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