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Derived from "PERFECTIONIST," with the second "E" replaced with "U", to add the "FUC-" sound, as in the word "FUCK".

Noun: A person who is a total prick about being a perfectionist. One who cannot finish a task without checking it over again and again, or who does something repeatedly until s/he achieves the desired result. When this behavior annoys others, the person exhibiting the behavior is a "perfuctionist".
Q: Where's Noonan?

A: Oh, he's skipping lunch today, because he's being a "perfuctionist" again. He's rewriting his proposal to present to the Board of Directors this afternoon.
by Jakey the Snakey December 23, 2009
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noun: to describe a work shift that starts at 9:00 am and ends at 5:00 pm. So named after the 1980 Paramount Pictures movie, "Nine to Five", starring Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda, and Lily Tomlin as women office workers. Dolly Parton recorded the movie's theme song, entitled "Nine to Five", which became a #1 hit on the Billboard charts in the same year as the movie's release.
"Hey Nick, you're working a Dolly Parton shift tomorrow. You are working from 9 to 5."

"I did a Dolly Parton shift today."

"Damn yo, I ain't got time fo this shit...I work late...I ain't got no Dolly Parton schedule!"
by Jakey the Snakey October 20, 2009
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It's like having a case of SWAMP ASS on your face: it's the effect of being required to wear a face mask/face covering during the COVID-19 pandemic for a prolonged period of time. The upper lip, cheek and chin area of a person's face becomes uncomfortably warm and saturated with perspiration and moisture from exhalation.
I have to take this damned mask off for a few minutes and wipe my face off because I've got a case of SWAMP LIP.
by Jakey the Snakey October 03, 2020
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