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The piss left on mingeflaps
"Ewwww i got pussydrips on my cock"
"sorry just had a piss"
by Jake Cave October 25, 2007
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A religion & possible political party created by me, a 13 year old boy possibly related to Hitler. Which will clean up Britain and dump our problems on America. The Religion has a living god, me, which is more than all of the other religions x 1000000000. And you don't have to pray.
Here are some of the Jakeology party policies:

McDonalds Will be banned and destroyed and killed and burned and other nasty thing done to it including any customers and workers and anyone related to McDonalds this Law also applies to“ KFC, BURGER KING & OTHER IMPORTED FAST FOOD CHAINS excluding Taco Bell”

The words “init” & “bruv” will be banned

All Jaffacakes shall be put in a special aisle named the “Biscakes” section in all supermarkets

Police uniform shall be changed to a Ninja outfit

Marijuana will be legalised and sold in shops and smoked in a spliff with tobacco and none of the shitty chemicals in special Joint areas
by Jake Cave September 18, 2007
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