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A Sophie Is A Girls Name. The Meaning Of The Name Is Wisdom. And Its Origin Is From The French Lands. People Who Are Called Sophie Tend To Try And Be Better Than The Last Time, Try Their Hardest. You Usually See Them With Unique Style (Usually Colours And Skinny Jeans) And Head Banging Or Doing Something Rather Strange And Unique To The Human Eye, As She Doesn't Like To Blend In With The Crowd. They Love Jelly Beans, Ice Cream But Loves Melon And Pasta! Not Forgetting MUSIC! When She Is Drunk (On 1 Can) She Is Either Dry-Humping Of Being Sick... Dang It! Anyway She Says She Won't Do That In The Future. Any Lad Or Girl Are Lucky For Having This Gem.
"She Is A Sophie, She Is So Cool And Unique"
"Oh! I Fancy Her!"
by JaffaJaffaJaffa January 03, 2008

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Hayley Williams is the lead singer of Paramore, a Pop Punk band from Franklin, Tennessee. She was the first girl to ever appear of the cover of kerrang! Dude! She is know for her ever-changing hairstyles, which 'Hayley-Wannabee' can't keep up with. Don't get me wrong she is a great girl to look up and be your role model though.

Fast facts
She was born on December 27, 1988
First lived in Mississippi Until Moved to Tennessee
Has amazing dress sense
Big N'sync Fan
Is a Christian
Middle name is Nicole
Get called spongebob because of her gap in her two tront teeth
Real Hair Colour Brunette (Pf.Com Interview)
Sometimes can't write material for the band due to homesickness....Aww!
Big buddys with New Found Glory (met them on Warped Tour)
Girl 1 - "Omgawd! Hayley Williams Is So Unique!"
Girl 2 - "Omgawd! I'd Do Her If I Wasn't Straight!" =]
by JaffaJaffaJaffa January 03, 2008

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