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Pronunciation Key - arktick , -er, -est, -ally, -ly, adj, noun, verb
1. Extremely chill or coll; a rather chill person, place, or event.
2. Permitting such a sensation: an arctic pair of shoes.
3. Not excited; calm; composed; under control: to remain arctic in the face of disaster.
4. Not hasty; deliberate: an arctic and calculated action.
5. Lacking in interest or enthusiasm: a arctic reply to an invitation.
6. Lacking in warmth or cordiality: an arctic reception.
7. Calmly audacious or impudent: an arctic lie.
8. Aloof or unresponsive; indifferent: He was arctic to her passionate advances.
9 Slang. a. chill; fine; excellent; sweet.
b. characterized by great facility; highly skilled or clever: arctic maneuvers on the parallel bars.
c. socially adept: It's not arctic to arrive at a party too early.

10. Informal, artically
11. something that is arctic; a arctic part, place, time, etc.: in the arctic of the evening.
17. arcticness: something emphatically arctic
18. chillness; composure; poise: an executive noted for maintaining her arctic under pressure.
Dude, last night was so arctic.
by Jade da Brat April 2, 2007
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