10 definition by Jadah

The process in which one becomes more adequate to function better then those who stood before him
1. Batista is evolutionized
2. Umm... can't rightly think of any other examples
(hint: got to the gym and make it happen for you too)
by Jadah February 04, 2005

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A state of lust a man enters when in the company of any woman, due to the fact that he really does not see the woman before him. Since behind his dopey glazed over eyes he's putting the image of Jadah over the woman in his presence.
Barnie was oggling Betty but only because she became the mirror image of Jadahin his minds eye.
by Jadah February 05, 2005

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The girl who is currently dating Randy Orton
Jadah:Laughs hysterically
Slim:What's so funny?
Jadah: Kieblers been compromised--she's been with Orton!!! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Slim:That's not funny! It's down right sick!
Jadah:Sure is cause now those bumbling idiots that watch WWE will have to wait for me to get on RAW to oggle over.
Slim: hey if you were like on RAW I'd be like Stacy who.
Jadah: I know slim just wait til all the men realize that too.
by Jadah February 05, 2005

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