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The act of eating ones food with such speed that chewing is either significantly diminished or out right abandoned in favor of swallowing the portions of food whole.

First refrenced in an episode of the simpsons when a co-worker commented on Homers eating habbits and was corrected by another co-worker.
Grimes: *watching Homer eat his lunch* My god, he eats like a pig!
Lenny: NI dont know, pigs tend to chew, He eats like a duck.
*homer deliberately swallowing a long john dounut whole*.
Grimes: Well some sort of farm animal anyway...
by Jacob mei December 09, 2010

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An individual who fails to realize a lot of people like junk food such as candy, pizza, hamburgers, chips, etc and sees it as their mission to rid the world of fatty, salty foods even though a majority of people don’t constantly eat these foods. To carry out their mission they often resort to pushy tactics or by going through the government to have laws made, such as pushing for increasing the sales tax on pizza, making it illegal for McDonalds to sell toys in happy meals. Generally these measures either fail to become law or if they do they do they really become more of an annoyance and to the targeted public and only serves to make the public hate them more.
God the health food crusaders are at it again, I can’t believe they managed to get toys in happy meals banned! Before you know it its going to be like the prohibition era again, but instead of rumrunners we’ll have oil and salt runners!
by Jacob mei May 21, 2010

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A Controversy that arises now and then around Christmas over the displaying of christmas trees in public, government or locations where the public typically gathers (such as Banks, Grocery stores, etc) and is usually the result of someone having a problem with religious ideals and objects being on public display.

Typically considered political correctness run amuck given the absurdity of the dispute, especially considering that the Christmas tree is a relatively recent edition to the celebration of Christmas with origins in pagan religion and was almost instantly seized upon for its commercial applications by shops and business.
News reporter: a Christmas tree controversy today as Chase bank has told a branch of theirs that they can not put a Christmas tree on display and that it must be taken down after they received complaints from customers. Other customers have threatened to pull their money out of the bank if the tree is removed.
by Jacob Mei December 06, 2010

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Someone who spends an unusual amount of time on wikipedia or a wikia site reading many of the articles as a form of entertainment rather than the sites intended use of providing information.
"John what are you reading?"
"Reading wikipedia."
"Thats the third night John, you're such a wiki worm."
by Jacob mei May 18, 2010

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The act of diminishing or destroying the original meaning or purpose of an entity (be it individual, location, building, group, etc) during the act of building it up (building up the image, adding to the building, adding more rules to a group, etc). Not to be confused with hype, which is the building up of expectation.
Guy 1: “Man the club used to be so fun, now its just a drag, what happened?”
Guy 2: “Destruction through construction, id say it happened when that one guy came in and added all those rules.”
by Jacob Mei April 21, 2010

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To suggest that the exact opposite of the context it is used will occur, typically for comedic effect.
Used in the Simpsons episode "Itchy and scratch land" by the helicopter pilot: "Welcome to itchy and scratchy land, where nothing could possably go wrong...." Naturally later in the episode, everything goes wrong with the park.
by Jacob Mei May 17, 2010

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