4 definitions by Jacky Mitchell

When someone is standing behind you as you are washing up, pointing out all the dirty marks you have left on the pot's!!
Mary: You've left a bit of potato in that pan

Jacky: Oh god Mary, you're such a backseat washer upper. Do the bugga yourself!!
by Jacky Mitchell March 21, 2008
When describing a Lady wearing a low cut top and a good bra.
You see two Bald head like objects in her bra..... like Right Said Fred.
Ozzie: Corr have you seen that girl over there?

Pat: What her and Right Said Fred!?!
by Jacky Mitchell March 13, 2008
The part of your body between your genitles and your arsehole....
Quite simply, if it WONFA that, your guts would fall out!!
Jacky: Oh, I'm so pleased I have this bit of skin in between my fanny and bum hole.

Mary: Why????

Jacky: Because if it WONFA that, my guts would fall out!!
by Jacky Mitchell March 21, 2008
Whn someone is in a mood and pulls the corners of their mouth down to look like a fish...... trout pout
Mary: Have you seen Ozzie, he looks well miserable!

Jacky: Yer, He's got a right trout pout on
by Jacky Mitchell March 21, 2008