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Jew = Jewish
Dew = Hairdoo

Commonly referred to as a Jew fro or Jew Mop Because of the way most are able Jews grow massive amounts of Curly, Disgusting, body, facial and scalp hair. Both male and female are affected.
"Yo, dig that crazzy Jew Dew over deh!"

"Yea Yea, That mo fo looks like Bob Dylan!"
by Jack N. Mikoph May 01, 2008
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When someone is Stoked and Siked at the same time.
a)-"Yo brah, hit up that kicker"

b)-"I dont know dude, Im stoked, but the landing is sikin me out!"

a)-"Its into powder, Pussy, hit it up!"

b)"Im stiked brah, lets hit it anyway!"
by Jack N. Mikoph May 02, 2008
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Shitty weed

also referd to as shwag, shwigglie, poo shwaggle, skwag,
-"Yo booi dat nigga gots da chronic"
-"Naw dawg, dat shizzle is poo schwiggle"
by Jack N. Mikoph May 02, 2008
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