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The creator of the mexican morbid rap. The proyect named 'Weak Self-Esteem' born of the need to express the personal disregard to the constant growth of the regaetton and some movements that begin to take place in México, that refer to 'supposed' gangsters, or people that were nothing but pose or stereotypes taken from rap videos. So, the question was: How can we take this inner repulsion out? There was no other way that seems more viable, than doin it from inside the music. All the project took form thanks to Dyal, 'coz he contribute, beside with the time, with all the musical creativity that the rest of us lack of... Based on that, and taking advantage of Dyal's talent, the proyect cristallized and now it's in front of you, who're reading and listening... 'I Wanna Hurt Somebody' is, like Zizek says: The negation of the negation, the change of perspective against a frame, that makes a failure, a success... It's the Deconstruction taken to the music...

aka GkarteR
The people who are part -sporadicly- of the proyect Psychoholikz are: Weak Self-Esteem, who's the main character, Defo, Biorek, Tyzne and the talent behind this stuff, Zookepa.
his page is myspace.com/psychoholikz
by Jacintone February 23, 2010
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