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alt. spelling Priarse (British/Australian English).

A model of hybrid motor vehicle manufactured by the once respectable Toyota Motor Corporation.

This model is widely known for a number of special features:
It has two engines, one gasoline, one electric, to aide it in going forward.
It also has brake and accelerator faults, that prevents the user from slowing down at all.
Wow, what kind of car is that?

It's a Priass, don't you recognise it - it has smashed into the back of those cars/buildings/ornamental pylons etc.
by JTTSG March 12, 2010

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A masturbation option, offered at particual locations down dark alleys in Bali while supposedly having a "massage".
"You want a special only 100,000 Rupiah?"
"No thank you, I have enough diseases already"
by JTTSG September 17, 2011

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