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To RSVP “Attending” to any event you are invited to on Facebook, without considering the event, the time, the duration, or who is attending. You may not attend the event, but you increase the guest list by attending.
“Oh hey man, I noticed you’re coming to my Halloween party? What’s your costume?”
“Oh dude I forgot to tell you, I’m a Facebook Yes Man, Facebook says I’m attending four Halloween parties that night.”
by JP_002 August 11, 2009
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noun. a time system which homosexuals use. it is often half an hour to an hour latter than the standard time.

it is usual for a homo to run on HST to allow more time to drink, primp, have sex or generally slack off before going to a party or function. they also think it is fashionable to show up late, even though they know they'll show up with every other homo too.
The cocktail party for Ted and Billy's wedding was at 7:00pm, but all their gay friends were running on Homo Standard Time and showed up at 8.
by JP_002 January 28, 2007
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