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(noun) The time until which a furry is aloud to fap to furry pr0nz.
Furry 1: Did you see that pic I linked you to last night? Talk about a fap attack!

Furry 2: Nah, you sent that at like 2am, that's waaaay past my furfew.

Furry 1: Bummer.

Furry 2: I can check it out when I get home though. Was it really that good?

Furry 1: *fapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfap*
by JLeog September 09, 2011

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Bite-sized sample of pornographic material, be it digital or otherwise, which Minecraft diehard neckbeards subsist on during tunnelling expeditions from their mothers' basements
Neckbeard 1: Aw man, my foam pickaxe from the Minecraft store is almost broken, but I can't make it back to base(ment) with just these three pornchops.

Neckbeard 2: Don't sweat, here. *throws a stack of pornchops*

Neckbeard 1: Ah, thanks man. *scrambles awkwardly back to base(ment) while having a fap attack*
by JLeog September 14, 2011

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(verb) The act of stubbornly going and remaining afk for hours on end, almost always while in the middle of an IM chat. A ghoster will not indicate that they are going afk, or will be afk ten times longer than suggested. Almost always occurs when the other IM chatters desperately require the attention or assistance of the ghoster.
<4w350m3k1d1337> haha yea tht sounds epic

<bAsEmEnTfIeNd> it totaly was, u hav no idea

<4w350m3k1d1337> shit on it, we hav a hmwrk asinemnt for thurs, dont we? dude i totaly frogot, wut was it agen?

<4w350m3k1d1337> dude, uthar? u ghosting bro?

<4w350m3k1d1337> ffs DUDE WAEK UP!!!11!!

~ bAsEmEnTfIeNd ~ has been inactive for 10 minutes and may not reply

<4w350m3k1d1337> GODAMIT SHELLDON
by JLeog September 11, 2011

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