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A term used by Israelis, which is used when someone wants to quickly (and often very bluntly) get to the point. Tachlis is all about efficiency and getting to the best solution or the point as quickly as possible, without concern for feelings or flowery language.
"I saw the report you sent out, tachlis, I think you missed the point. You should redo it."
"I met a nice guy the other night... tachlis, I'm pregnant, what do I do?"
by JL123456 November 21, 2013
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When your penis is so infested with syphilltic, itchy sores that you cut it off in a fit of rage. A reference to Oren Ishii, a character in Kill Bill who cuts off someone's head in a fit of rage.
"Sorry, girl, but I can't give you any tonight. I couldnt take it anymore, so I went Oren Itchy last night."
by JL123456 February 1, 2013
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