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Strong male figure, usually attracts many women. John Davis sleeps around with hundreds of women, but they all know about each other and still love him. He can call any woman to him by giving her a certain look. His eyes draw you in, and when you fall......you cant get back up. He will sleep with almost any woman who has a huge ass and normally he goes for women who all work in the same building cause he likes the convenience. John Davis plays the field. John Davis cares about himself ,and doesn't care about the women he hurts.
George: Dude you mind if I date your sister?
Brad: Yes,I do ....I've seen how you dog women.

George: Dude ,you know me..
Brad: and your nothing but the John Davis of this office building!!! Sally told me how you treated her.You can't date my sister!

Sally: Brad ,I am so hurt right now.
Brad: Why whats wrong
Sally: I went out on a date with George friday night and he was such a John Davis! He kept pawing me, and checking out other women. So disrespectful!
by JDean8241 June 26, 2011
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