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female breasts
area on a women's chest, their rack.
can be classified as good, bad, medium, or as some type of classification.
boobs that a woman has
Mike: How was the night with that girl last night, Bill? Did you have a good time with her?
Bill: It was a good time. She had nice tatter monsters that I couldn't keep my eyes off the whole night.
Mike: Sounds like a memorable night.
by JBreezy Gets Bitchez June 01, 2011
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a female buttocks
an ass that a girl has
it can be classified as good or bad
Mike: Yoo does she have a nice shitter goblin?
Bill: Yeah man, it's real nice.
Mike: Does she shit out of that thing everyday?
Bill: Yeah, but its still hot.
Mike: Solid
by JBreezy gets bitchez June 01, 2011
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