10 definition by J.D.

The news.
The latest info.

(I think I caught this a few years ago)
If not I pulled it out of my as*.
"Yo,what's the press on Grand Trismo 4".
It will be out in March.
by j.d. December 16, 2004

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Japanese name for protoman.
"Blues just has to be the most awesome swordsman ever!"
by J.D. January 18, 2005

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When a man ejaculates in/on a girls face and she pulls away from the tip of the penis, occasionally, there is a string of semen from the the mans penis to her bottom lip/chin/eyelid/ear, etc. Thus...string cheese
"You should've seen the nut I busted on that girls face! There was string cheese everywhere!!"
by J.D. February 25, 2004

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