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1. Former singer of YMGH who after was kicked out of the band, still had the scream name YMGHScott. After the band broek up, he also still had then screen name YMGHScott.

2. A vegan

3. One who spits in ones own shirt.

4. Anyone who constanly asks "Do you wanna jam?"

5. The director of Dead End Movie

6. One who takes too much liking to the band Millencolin

7. One who answers their own question.
1. Oh man, you like that vegan shit? What are you a YMGHScott

2. Dude, you just hocked a loogey in your own shirt, you YMGHScott.

3. Yo man, YMGHScott just asked me to jam again. What a bitch

4. Dude Millencolin is the best band ever. Just look at my red Millenocolin hat and my red Millencolin shirt...I'm like YMGHScott!
by J Roseman May 07, 2004

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1. The once screen name of Jay Roseman
pHaTTyBaLLz: yo doody!
Dido Dildo: yo phatty!
by J Roseman May 09, 2004

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