1 definition by J M Wright

A woman, who has enough money to buy Prada or Fendi shoes, but instead, buys cheap looking shoes that easily run down to the point where they look like shit. The rest of her wardrobe may be high fashion, but the shoes look like they are from Payless. The woman usually hold a key positon in a high paying job, with a high five or six figure salary, but has no clue whatsoever how to dress. Poster child for this is K. Mullane of Summerwood, PA
Did you see K. come in the store last week to visit. She had a nice blouse and slacks, but her shoes looked like she picked them up at the Goodwill. That is embarrising for a Vice President of a multi-million dollar company to be looking like that. She is a true Payless Queen.

Girl, you look Versace from head to ankle, but you are still a Payless Queen when it comes to your shoes!
by J M Wright June 11, 2008