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Verb; to like or be attracted to an Asian person
Guy: Did you hear she's dating Peng?
Girl: Haha, well I guess she has a thing for that Asian persuasion.
by Itsthatgirl February 21, 2012

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A term for a middle aged woman who is slightly damp in her vaginal region over vampires from any of the Twilight Saga. These women would often plaster their minivans and online social networking profiles with "Team Edward".
Oh, man! Look at Mrs. Sullivan! Is she a moist sparkle or what?
by itsTHATgirl February 01, 2013

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A way to express how you're feeling inside using your body. Different types describe all types of emotions. Not only an art but also a kind of sport. Easy way to take your mind off of things or just have fun. A way of life.
At times when you're not sure what you're feeling, just start dancing.
by ItsThatGirl August 21, 2012

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